"a place for ALPACAS" by Cilla Taylor

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At last, here is an easy to read book written for owners or would-be owners of small alpaca herds. It covers a wide range of topics, from alpaca behaviour and farm layout to shearing and then using the fleece, from breeding and care of the new born cria to halter training and alpaca shows, and from the history of alpacas to yards and pens for handling them there is even a chapter on taking great photos of them in the paddock. It contains such diverse information as transporting alpacas, understanding fleece test results, visiting rest homes, conducting spit offs, making felt from the fleece and much, much more. There is of course a chapter devoted to health which includes information on basic procedures such as trimming toenails, body scoring and worming, as well as an overview of some common ailments and associated symptoms. It is lavishly illustrated with large photographs, making it an ideal coffee table book or a perfect gift for the alpaca enthusiast.

Available on amazon.com for US $34.50 plus postage or direct from the author for NZ$35.00 (postage included within New Zealand)  Contact us for more details.

Cilla Taylor - Wild Palette Suri - cilla@wildpalette.co.nz

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